It`s up to us!

The idea of "improv without borders" is to encourage the international improv community to support refugees worldwide.

If you decide to join this initiative, your artistic work on March 12th 2016 shall be ideationally and financially dedicated to those who are fleeing. To put it in a nutshell: we are asking you to organize and perform an improv event and donate your fee or whichever amount you see fit, as a sign of solidarity of the international improv community to „Pro Asyl“ or "Asyl in der Kirche“ or a local organisation near you that stands up for the rights and interests of refugees.

There is nothing you have to fulfill thematically: Whatever show, event or topic you do on March 12th 2016, how much the topic of fleeing and refugees is a part of it, how much money you donate or which organisation you donate it to – all of that is your decision and is at your own discretion. We just want to give the impulse to connect ourselves and, by the means of our art form - which per se embraces international encounters and overcomes borders - have a common voice on this day!

Die Gorillas,